Most Spring/Summer camping in the UK can be done with a 3000 HH rating. A tents ability to withstand the elements come down to the material its made of, as well as other features and functions. If you’re planning on camping in cold, wet or windy weather make sure you have everything you need before you head off.  

Here is a quick guide too help you pick the right tent for your needs: 


Small group (1/2)  

Medium group (3/4) 

Large group (5/6)  

Extra-large group (6+) 



-Backpacker lightweight dome 

-Popup Single skin 

-Festival Fun 2  

-Festival Dome 2 

-Blackout Festival 2 


-Festival Fun 4  

-Blackout Popup Double Skin 4  

-Popup Double Skin 3 

-Weekender 3 

-Weekender 4 

-Backpacker 3 

-Buxton Waterproof 4 

-Mini Break 3  

-Mini Break 4 

-Easycamp Eclipse 500 

-Coleman Octagon 8 




-Vango Carron 4  

-Easycamp Palmdale 600 Lux 

-Outwell Collingwood 5 

-Outwell Franklin 5 

-Vango Athos 500 

-Vango Winslow 600 

-Buxton 500 

-Easycamp Huntsville Twin 800 8