We collect your information for the following reasons:


  • Your name to address you by
  • Your phone number to contact you about any issues with your order
  • Your e-mail address to send communications to you, including confirmation of your order, information about product safety, your transaction status including notifications about products in your cart, promotions in which you have chosen to participate, details of delivery of your order, products, solutions and services available from us, events, promotional offers and surveys
  • Your postal address to send your order and so we can let you know about our products that we think you may like
  • Your details for the administration of our Membership and Discount Cards
  • Your details for processing transactions through our Marketplace
  • Your past transactions so you can get a refund or replacement
  • Your details and transactions to comply with any applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements;
  • Your details when you get in touch with us via email or phone to address any matters raised
  • Your answers to our post purchase survey to give informative recommendations online and continually make improvements to our products and service
  • Your device and browser information, the route you took to land on our website as well as website data such as page views, length of visit and clicks to help us optimise your shopping experience with us and ensure our functionality is working.
  • Your sales information, to keep track of account activity when you use our website to sell your products.
  • CCTV Images for purposes of Crime Prevention, Public and Staff Safety.
  • Your transactions to confirm you came to us via an affiliation network.

This includes AWIN. If you wish to know more about AWIN, please refer to their privacy policy at https://www.awin.com/gb/privacy 

  • Your media contact details from a variety of sources to contact you about media communications or to send you our products.

This includes Cision. If you wish to know more about how about how such information is collected and used, please refer to Cision’s Privacy notice at www.cision.com/us/legal/privacy-policy/